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Mount Lorne

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Emergency Services

A 911 service is available in Mount Lorne for emergency police, fire, and ambulance responses.

Tell the 911 operator you have a fire or other emergency and need the Mount Lorne Volunteer Fire Department (otherwise you will get the Whitehorse Fire Department and this wastes valuable time).

The 911 operator will activate the paging system and a volunteer will answer and ask the following questions:

  • What is the exact location of your emergency?
  • What is your phone number in case we are disconnected?
  • Where are you calling from?
  • What is your emergency?
  • Is everyone safely out of the structure? (if it is a structure fire)
  • Can you send someone to the end of your driveway so we can find you faster?
  • Get out and stay out - help is on the way.

We hope you never need to use the 911 emergency system. Follow these instructions and help will arrive as quickly as possible.

Primary Care Paramedics (PCP) staff Emergency Medical Services in Whitehorse; available 24 hours/day

Policing provided by an RCMP detachment of one sergeant, one corporal and five constables. 

City of Whitehorse Fire Department has full and part-time members and undertakes a number of activities, including urban and wildland fire suppression, fire prevention, training, fire safety, inspections, rescue, and building plan review.

Available 24 hours for emergencies direct to the most suitable medical facility; crews consist of Critical Care Nurses, Critical Care Paramedics and Advanced Care Paramedics.

Medevac services are available to all people. However, all non-Yukon residents are charged for this services.

Search and Rescue (SAR)
Whitehorse's Search and Rescue (SAR) is ensured by a partnership between the RCMP, Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) and volunteer SAR teams.